Why don’t you do gluten-free?

We get asked this question multiple times a day. We do not do anything that is gluten-free. Due to the fact that we are constantly baking and there is flour in the air, we can’t even meet the legal thresh hold for calling our salad “gluten free”

That being said, all of our breads, bagels, and pizza doughs have a long ferment, and a slow rise. This leads to a breakdown of complex carbohydrates that adds flavor, and aids in digestion. Many of our customers who are gluten-sensitive find that our bread does not adversely affect them due to the 72 hour fermentation process. If you are interested in this we invite you to research sourdoughs and gluten sensitivity, as well as speak with your doctor.

Patrick has spent years, and devoted his life to working gluten properly. It’s kind of our thing. We offer a range of pastries all with different stages of gluten development, and fermentation. In addition to our commitment to amazing baked goods, we also have a commitment to the health of our community. This includes not adding preservatives, or using any non-whole foods. We draw the line at anything that is chemically extracted, and that includes things like Xanthum Gum (refined bacterial poop) and Carrageenan (suspected as a cancer causing agent, and all but banned in the EU) We refuse to even bring margarine into our shop.

We love gluten, seriously. Gluten is the reason that human beings are the dominant species on this earth, without it we would all still be living in a forest gathering berries.