About Us

Celine and Patrick have spent their lives together working in union. From a surf hostel in Mexico, to a small permaculture farm in Seattle, together they have a wide range of skills and experience in food production, preparation, and hospitality. Both from small communities that have grown haphazardly over the years, they moved to Maine searching for a family oriented place to put down roots. Spending a couple of years searching for just the right place they ended up in Searsport, Maine. 

Celine grew up on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Specializing in hospitality and customer service, she runs the front of house, serving our customers smiles, drinks, great food, and baked goods on a daily basis. She is also an incredible fiber arts designer and many of her personal designs and knitted items are for sale around our small cafe.

Patrick grew up in central Illinois, he has over 20 years of experience in foodservice, as a chef, a manager, and a baker. He spent 4 years as a restaurant consultant in downtown Seattle, and has been chef de cuisine of multiple restaurants. He is the culinary vision behind Coastal Cafe and bakery and there is not a thing in the cafe that Patrick  has not laid hands to personally. He takes great pride and satisfaction in creating food for the soul.

-Celine and Patrick Kelley